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From joke to music...
Nearly forty years ago, comedian Ken Corsbie told songwriter/singer Dave Martins a joke about jungle animals playing cricket.  Dave, as ever alert to all aspects of West Indian life going on around him, immediately turned the joke into the run-away hit calypso Cricket in the Jungle.

From music to book...
The making of the calypso into an illustrated book was the brainwave of calypso- and cricket-loving John Gibbs, partner in the small publishing business Beachgate Images.  John tracked down Dave in Grand Cayman and as luck would have it, Dave was on his way to Barbados for a performance.  The deal was sealed over a few rum and cokes on the breezy patio of John’s home. 

After a few hiccups we settled down with the immense talent of Jolyon “Rusty” Nathan to do the all-important illustrations.  From some fairly detailed but hideously amateur pencil sketches by John’s daughter Catharine, Rusty worked his alchemy and Cricket in the Jungle came to life.  The process was long and the road not always smooth but the result is a work of genius.

The book is 13” by 9¾” landscape format, saddle stitched, lavishly colour illustrated on a high gloss UV-coated stock.  It comprises 26 pages and contains a music CD with the calypso hit single “Cricket in the Jungle”

The story is Caribbean in flavour but kids worldwide will readily appreciate the antics of all the animals: Donkey’s gusto, the monkeys’ cheek, Elephant’s bombast.  Apart from the action in the main characters, there is so much of a humourous nature going on in the background.  The reader should especially note the relationship building between the chicken and the lion on the four chorus pages.

The book however is not just for kids.  Adults can appreciate and empathise with Donkey, the anti-hero – with the brilliance of the calypso’s wordplay and the absolute magic of the illustrations.

music CD included - click for sample musc!

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