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I just received the book yesterday. My children and I had a great laugh! I bought the book as gift for my cousin's son. My cousin and her family are moving to Barbados, from Canada, for a 2 year work re-location. My cousin is excited but anxious about leaving home and her family here. I thought it would be a nice touch to give them a child's book from the islands. I'm sure it will be loved.

Carrie - Canada

When I returned home from work on Friday, my husband asked, "Where's the CD?"
"Which CD?" I asked. Our daughter Saige had spotted the book, and was unhappy with the way Daddy was singing the calypso. She's been looking at the book and listening to the CD all weekend. I've already recommended it to my brother for his daughters and to my in-laws!

Anita - New York

In the store the other day we decided to put on the CD as we were closing up. Well, the staff all stopped working and we were in fits of giggles listening and looking at the illustrations.

Michelle - Barbados

My five year old son loves it. He takes turns playing each character - some days he is Donkey and other days Elephant. He's even managed to rope in some of his friends and they put on a show as the song is playing.

Deborah - Barbados

music CD included - click for sample musc!

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